Background on the artist

Lou Fautsch is a talented songwriter. He was born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa and is the fourth generation of his family to live here. He is very proud of his roots and expresses that pride through his music, which he is always eager to share. A Social Studies teacher by profession, Lou's love of music was shared with the students in his classroom as part of his teaching style. He began writing songs with Iowa and Dubuque themes, started recording them, and now eight albums later, his original music is enjoyed by adults and children throughout Iowa and beyond. 

Here's what one Dubuque teacher has to say about the music; "The music created by Mr. Fautsch provides a rich opportunity for our Third Graders to learn about Dubuque in a unique way. The music enhances and compliments the curriculum. The best tribute to the Dubuque music is listening to the children sing along with their favorite lyrics. While taking the tour of Dubuque each Spring, people along the way are treated with the sound of those songs being spontaneously sung by the third graders who have grown to love the music of Dubuque." (Debbie Anderson)

Another teacher writes; "One of the major portions of the Dubuque History Unit is the music written by Lou Fautsch. The music tells so beautifully the richness of the history of our city. As I use this music in my instruction, I sense Fautsch's love of history as well as his deep pride in the city of Dubuque. He has carefully selected lyrics the students can understand, appreciate and enjoy in their studies. This music has truly made an impact in helping my students better understand Dubuque, Iowa. (Bob Bildstein)

It's not only students who enjoy the music. Here are a few other comments:

". . .  your music is superb. My wife and I thoroughly enjoy listening to it. The songs bring back many childhood memories. The CD's will be played until I know all the lyrics" (Werner Hellmer). 

". . . I just wanted to let you know that I played your CD's at my bridge club recently, and before long we were all rocking in our chairs to the beat of the music! We so much enjoyed the songs and the sentiment" (Sonja Campbell)

THE IOWAN Magazine has this to say; "Fautsch loves to sing the praises of Iowa with songs like This Black Soil, Stone City and The Flood of '93, he has created a sound that blends soft rock with mainstream country. His lyrics celebrate the down-home virtues and helping-hand spirit that people of the Hawkeye State are famous for."

Lou now has a third Dubuque themed CD,  titled This Is Dubuque.  He is always interested in sharing his music in concert whenever and wherever possible, and is available upon request throughout the year. Call or email him for more information.

Another idea - how about a Dubuque Trolley Tour? Lou loves narrating these historic tours around the city he loves best, and is busy throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall offering interesting facts, a few legends, and sharing his original music with those on the tour. What a fun time for both tourists and locals alike. ~ ~

Lou Fautsch

Lou during a recent recording session at Timberwind Records in Southern Missouri. Consider hosting a live concert in your area. For questions, pricing information
and available dates, call or e-mail LoPot Productions ~ 563-582-0543 Here's something to think about - - If you live in the Dubuque area and have always been interested in taking some guitar lessons, Lou's the man to get you started! He will even come to YOUR home if you would prefer that option. Feel free to give him a call (563-582-0543) - he's old school and prefers that form of communication over email! If you would rather email, you can contact him at